Permaculture in Action

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around the Farm

One routine we have around here occurs on or around the Full Moon when we feed our hens garlic. The hens love it and it helps to expel intestinal worms.

 We grow a lot of garlic and after the harvest in November we pick out any that's small or broken and put it in the food processor. I divide it up into 12 small recycled bags and freeze it - one a month for the next year.

 Each month I thaw a bag of garlic and add it to some bran mash

And the hens just gobble it up. It's also good for all those vitamins and minerals that are good for us especially around this time of year  to ward off winter colds.

And elsewhere around the market garden......

The garlic is growing nicely

More rows of garlic

A mixed bed of mainly brassicas

Cabbage. This variety is called Sugarloaf and grows really well here.

We've had a lot of rain.The beds are raised and so not affected by this water lying in the paths. In the background you can see one of our compost heaps. We have them scattered throughout the garden so that the compost is handy to us when we plant out a bed.


  1. Looking good, Thanks for reminding me to worm the chooks.

  2. Good use of your garlic. I usually pop a peeled clove in their drinking water when I remember, but I like the full moon idea.
    The winter garden has it's own beauty. More hearty and sustaining after the wild abundance of summer. Cabbages are so reassuring.
    I don't know if I will have time to post today, lots happening, but it is nice to see how you are getting on. x

  3. Thanks for the garlic freezing tip...I feed it to my hens but have never thought of freezing monthly doses.

  4. Great tip for the chicks and I plan on using that idea here too.
    We are getting started last night and is still raining...Finally!

  5. Your compost heaps are a work of art as well as functional! Love 'em...