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Monday, June 6, 2011

Obtain a Yield

Mark and I are passionate about providing clean, nutritious food for people in our local community. Good design enables us to achieve that aim. It means using natural resources to their maximum efficiency and obtaining a truly useful yield for the energy used. And from that, securing a reward to be able to maintain that system. In our modern consumer economy  consumption is encouraged with little regard to the resources and energy consumed leading to an over consumption of limited resources for things of little value. Food , on the other hand, being of great value  is mostly  expected to be cheap and the farmers who grow it are therefore not valued. Added to this is the fact that many people are unaware of where their food comes from.

Produce is washed, weighed, and packed ready to be delivered to our customers

Our food goes to people who appreciate the energy that we put into growing their food and reward us well. We know that our system is working well because our customers are satisfied- we receive immediate positive feedback and we have a waiting list for our produce. As David Holgrem says in his book Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability "If we are serious about sustainable design solutions, then we must be aiming for rewards that encourage success, growth and replication of those solutions." Farmama  also posted on this subject today, You may like to read what she has to say about it too.

An example of  the contents of one of the boxes- Lettuce mix in returnable container, Tatsoi, bokchoy,leek, celery,capsicum,herbs,silverbeet and oranges.

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  1. I am always amazed that so many people don't want to pay for 'real food', but will drop a fortune at ' fast food (?)' places. Your are right, there are a lot of people who just don't
    know where food comes from, or what it takes to grow, harvest and prepare!