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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inner city visits

I was able to spend the morning with both Meghann and Sarah. It's Meg's last day at her job at a Steiner pre-school and we had been invited to have a little look around. I just love Steiner pre-schools. The soft colours, the toys made from natural fibres and wood, the little dolls tucked up warmly in their beds in home corner, and the home-like quality of the indoor space, the smell of wholesome foods cooking in the kitchen, the warmth and the rhythm of the days. A truly lovely atmosphere in which to nurture young children and one I'm sure Meg will treasure as she moves onto her next journey into the publishing world.

From there Sarah and I visited The Convent where we had lunch at Lentil as Anything , starting with coffee and then a lovely vegetarian buffet. Around the corner from the cafe was a Contempory Art space which, I have to admit, left me rather cold, apart from one exhibit. This was an arrangement of crafted household objects such as knitted coathangers, teapot cosies and doilies arranged by colour. It was a tribute to an era of homemaking and I really appreciated the thinking behind it.

Just down the road, but part of the convent is the Children's Farm .This is a working farm where city children are able to go to experience on farm activities, such as milking cows, feeding lambs and chickens, collecting eggs and nursing guinea pigs. It is in a lovely setting and provides ample opportunity for children to see where their food comes from. Once a week they hold a market, selling produce grown in their market garden. A great model of an urban farm.  


  1. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time! Love the idea of a children's Farm. Wish there were more around the world.xx

  2. I feel like I have gone on a holiday too, hearing about all this! Love the sound of the Steiner environment, would love to work in a school like that...put my name down at the local steiner school a while ago but I think there are probably lots of primary teachers who would love to work there!
    It is really nice to hear how much sustainability work is going on in cities. It has really opened my eyes.

  3. Regrets - I've had a few but then again too few to mention.
    One may well be that I didn't have the opportunity for an education such as the one you experienced.
    Missing you heaps

  4. I'm often at that children's farm, especially the farmers market. I love it! Sounds like you're having a lovely visit.