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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fast Food

Look what Mark "knocked up" in less than 30mins. Spicy pumpkin soup made from our home grow pumpkin and croutons from yesterdays sour dough. Delicious! That's what I call fast food.
We had been out most of the day at the Aroma Festival in Maitland to campaign for refunds to be put on drink containers to reduce litter and encourage recycling. More can be seen here about the Cash For Containers campaign. If you live in NSW you might like to sign a postcard and send it to Robyn Parker the Minister For the Environment.

Our friends  The Do Riders had a gig at the festival and kindly allowed us to gate crash and we sang The bottle song to the tune of Ten Green Bottles, and passed out postcards and the words to the song. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of signed postcards. People were really keen to see the campaign succeed.

.Mark wearing his Cash For Containers shirt, with Nikki from the band.
We had a great day but came home very tired, hence the fast food!


  1. 3 of my favourite things:

    Pumpkin soup
    Quirky bands,
    A recycling message.

    Hope its successful

  2. fun! can mark knock some of that soup out for me too? it is a long way from you of course, but i don't mind waiting. it looks so delicious!


  3. What a delicious looking soup, Kate! My idea of great fast food for sure. Amy (came through Down to Earth).

  4. Look at you all! Wearing t-shirts! Oh, how I long for t-shirt-wearing weather!

    Sounds like a great weekend wrapped up with some great soup. Yum.

  5. Now that't my kind of fast food, and made with love too. Yummy.

  6. Looooove pumpkin soup! Hi to Ms Meg!!