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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Parcel in the Post

I was so excited today to receive this wonderful gift from Amanda. Amanda bought it from an op shop as an unravelled mohair garment. Thankyou so much Amanda the yarn is gorgeous. I'm not sure yet what I will make with it but I agree that a little natural dye project may be involved. I have only been blogging a short time and I'm blown away with all the lovely people I have met in blogger land so far and Amanda's thoughtful gift has bought joy to my heart! Please know all you dear people who read my blog and leave comments how much those comments mean to me and how much I get from reading your blogs in return. xxxx


  1. I find that people in blogland are the best! The yarn is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you make with it. xx

  2. So glad to see the yarn arrived Kate! I look forward to seeing what you create from it and I am pleased it has gone to someone who appreciates it the way you do.

  3. ooh, that yarn looks so soft and lovely. and yeah, I agree completely, this blog world is filled with lovely people too!!

  4. Kate .... you are an inspiration! seeing what you guys are doing and how you are engaging in community is inspiring! thank you for sharing a window of your lives with us bloggers!

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