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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Backyard Vegetable Production

This weekend we ran our backyard vegie production workshop. It ran over 2 full days and covered a wide range of topics based around 4 main areas.
                                                                  No dig gardens and
                                                                  Natural Pest control

Design covers aspect and site analysis. Participants draw a rough plan of the property, put in north ( or south for our Spanish participant) and existing structures etc and then we start adding various aspects of the property that will have an effect eg winter sun, summer sun, strong winds etc. We ask them to make a list of things they would like in their backyard and look at how all these are best placed.

Propagation is next and we look at making our own seed raising mix and potting mix, how to sew seeds, when to pot up, how to plant out and much more. We discuss what vegies to grow, how much of each for family requirements and how often to plant to have continuous supply.We construct a simple propagation house using hay bales and an old window, and discuss where to place it in the backyard for maximum efficiency.

We get our hands dirty making  a nodig garden and planting it out discussing placement of various seedlings depending on size, access and time needed to mature.

Natural pest control starts with the Web of Life game where we try to show how completely we are connected to everything else and how disruptions such as pesticide use will disrupt the web.

We build a frog pond...

and a worm tower..

Some comments....

"Very informative and inspiring and helpful. I have learnt enough to start my home vegie gardens"

" I learnt heaps, loved and valued all points covered. Appreciated knowledge shared by Mark and Kate"

I love the people go away after a workshop feeling confidant enough to get started on the path of producing their own food.


  1. Do you people ever rest? You always seem so busy.

  2. Wow, I wish I lived closer, that sounds like a fabulous workshop. We have made many mistakes trying to grow things in the wrong places and at the wrong times... gradually realising that our best produce spots are where most suburban homes would have ornamentals. Your workshop sounds very thorough and inspiring.

  3. You certainly seem to be sharing around a lot of good information! Sounds like it was a very thorough workshop and I'm sure some of the participants will go home and immediately start a back yard plot!!

  4. I agree with Deb, I dont' think you rest either! Must be all that beautiful homegrown produce that gives you energy.
    As always, love what you are doing.

  5. That sounds like a very practical workshop with very real information. Well done! What did you use in the pond. I ask because I spent 3 hours making a pond last week. I used a broken blow up pool for the liner, but alas, no water the next day!!!

  6. I am so envious of everyone attending your class! I would love to attend one day. I have been wanting to start growing worms here and need to check out this worm tower you have pictured! Frogs I have...big, scary movie kind that love to jump on my front porch and scary me! xx

  7. That seems a very well thought out workshop. Fabulous! xx