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Friday, October 21, 2011

More PDC

On Wednesday we looked at Soils and Water . Two really big subjects, so Mark spent the morning looking at Soils - the basis of food production, and the afternoon on water - the hydrological cycle and the by happy coincidence there was a talk at our local Permaculture meeting on harvesting water around the house and disposal of waste water through grey water systems; composting toilets tanks etc etc. So off we went. It was also a great opportunity for the guys to meet other permaculturists  and hear about what's going on in permaculture here in the Hunter.

A talk on plants suitable for grey water systems

A close up of some of those plants
Some produce to share

Some different sorts of Basil- the plant of the month.
Books for sale
Surrounded by lovely people, great information And a cup of tea and a piece of home made cake. What more could you want?

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