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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transition Town - Maitland

Last Thursday we went to our monthly TT meeting. We had planned an Open Space where people have an opportunity to bring a topic that interests them to the group, with the purpose of bringing everyone's thoughts concerning said topic(s) out, and put down on paper. It is often through these open spaces that working groups form. But it turned out that not very many people could make it so, after a very social shared dinner, we  talked about the what's been going on for us over the month.
S. said that she'd been without her car for a few weeks and is seriously thinking of selling it. She is close enough to public transport to either walk or ride her bike to the train and when she needs to go by car somewhere she'll see if she can catch a lift with someone else going in the same direction. Mark and I have had similar thoughts and often catch the train if appropriate, and sometimes ride our bike. We will still need our farm ute for farm stuff.. It inspired us to ride our bikes to the Organic shop to do our shopping on Saturday, a ride of roughly 11km each way. Not a bad ride but I did find the hills a bit challenging on the way back with a heavy basket.
L. said she had applied for a community liason position in the hopes of influencing some community activities.She talked about the Wonder Rug and plans to take it to the Art Gallery to be displayed.
V. told us about a new community radio that has started up and she agreed to contact a local community station to see if TT can get some air time.
J. had just bought herself a new push bike and was planning to do a lot more riding.She is quite fit now and rode from our place to the end of the road 7klms each way on quite challenging roads.
Plans were made to involve LETS next gathering at Organic Feast, and Bev the Bottle will be there to advertise the cash for containers campaign.
Mark and I have been approached by 2 different areas to conduct workshops with residents of housing commission developments. One with residents with only courtyards and the other with a community garden in mind. So much going on and so much to do, out in the community as well as here on the farm. We are running our Backyard Food Production workshop this weekend, looking at design, propagation, natural pest control and no dig gardening. Hopefully enough to give participants sufficient info and confidence to get them started growing their own food.
Next week we screen our next Movie that matters. A film on bees.
Next TT meeing will be addressed by our local sustainable house owners. They will tell us how and why they decided to retro fit their house, what they have done so far and what plans they have for the future.


  1. Hi Kate. I'd love to come and watch Queen of the Sun. When do you show Movies that Matter? I can't find any information on your website? Thanks.

  2. Thankyou so much Kate and Mark for making a difference to the world.I always feel good about our planet after reading one of your posts. You are starting ripples in a pond that will one day become a wave.

  3. Hi tricia movies that matter are here at the farm on the 2nd wed. of the month at 6.30 This Wed coming. Sorry about the web site it's a bit stuck at the moment. Thanks Kim for your lovely words they are very encouraging.