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Monday, April 30, 2012

Introduction to Biodynamics

Sorry to have been away from my blog for so long. I have been a little down and overwhelmed by some things going on here, and haven't been up to posting. But visiting the blogs of all my friends has kept me sane, so thanks for sharing all that you do.

Once again a busy weekend. While  I hosted another birthday party,(This time for a 5 year old girl and 13 of her friends.) Mark ran the first day of the Introduction to Biodynamics. It started with an overview of BD, and then they made COW Pat Pit, which is a form of homeopathic compost. Fresh cow manure, crushed basalt and crushed egg shells are mixed together for an hour and then placed in a pit.To this is added the compost preparations.The mixture stays in this pit over the winter and  dug up in spring, transformed. Small amounts are mixed in water and sprayed out over our paddocks.

Sunday saw us making a compost heap, to which more compost preps were added.

Then stirring BD 500 -- Horn Manure Preparation....

The preparation is stirred for 1 hour. First a vortex is created, which is then reversed causing chaos.

After an hour the preparation is spread out over the paddocks and garden depositing large droplets onto the moist soil.

The geese thought it was dinner time.

Always wonderful to get nice feedback...
                        " I really got a lot out of the course. Enhanced my BD passion. Fun, enjoyable weekend.          
                         Very hands on, practical, informative"

                               "Valuable in assessing where I stand in my plan to achieve a sustainable urban yard. Incorporating Biodynamics into the whole picture and keep the ideas flowing to adapt the yard to a productive unit"


  1. Look so interesting Kate :-). Sorry to hear you have been feeling down. End of summer perhaps ? Sending a cyber hug xxx

  2. Oh Kate, I'm hearing ya on the overwhelmed too. Perhaps it is just the drawing in of the year that's contributing or maybe we need to slow down and take a bit of time for our Self. Whatever, it's great to have that small connection with you all out there in the world via this little box.
    My mum, the astrologer, tells me that Pluto is playing havoc with many of us - and I must confess it's nice to blame it on a far out planet!! Hugs from me too :o)
    Wish I was closer to your interesting workshop..........

  3. Hope you're okay, Kate, and not staying too overwhelmed. Thinking of you, Ree xx

  4. Oh I missed you Kate! Thanks for coming back and inspiring us again. Biodynamics is an amazing thing, I have seen the results through reading etc.. and it feels like a little touch of magic with some science I don't really understand yet. But the thing is , it really does work.
    Keep smiling.