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Monday, May 28, 2012

Visitors to the Farm

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know that we regularly have visitors to the Farm. They come for tours, workshops, Birthday Parties, Permaculture and Biodynamic related activities and so much more.It is such a pleasure for Mark and I to share our beautiful farm with all these people and I must say that most people are thrilled to be here. And such was the case Thursday when we had 15 students from Sydney Rudolph Steiner college here for an excursion. Some arrived Wednesday night and spent a cold night camping in the"Wedding Garden"

 It was a clear night, perfect for star gazing. The rest of the group stayed Thursday night with the hope for more star gazing but unfortunately the weather turned cloudy and not one single star was to be seen!

They had a good day starting first with a farm tour followed by some workshops.Here they are finishing a compost heap to which they added the Biodynamic compost preparations. They made a cow pat pit , stirred horn manure (BD 500) and put it our onto the paddocks.

We had set them up a camp kitchen, by putting a roof over an old caravan. Remember I'd said my brother had been helping with a few projects around the farm. Well this was one of them. Didn't he do a great job?

Nice and dry with it's new roof

inside the caravan

This is how it looked just a week ago...

These students are studying Teacher Training at the College so the excursion was more to experience a Biodynamic Farm rather than having specific learning outcomes. They were all such lovely people and we feel really blessed to have had them on the farm. You know how it is when some people just bring a beautiful energy with them?


  1. How lovely to think there are all those teachers getting trained in the Steiner method. I would so like to go back in time and send my children to a Steiner school ..the more I read about it , the more i love the concept.
    I really enjoy hearing about the days you have at the farm. Thanks Kate.

  2. What a wonderful place for them to visit and experience - you have so much for them to learn from there at Purple Pear.