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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grandma Made

We had a visit from Rhonnie and Evan today.
Here's Evan wearing his Grandma made outfit.

 I'm really pleased with how it looks but Rhonnie says that it won't fit for much longer. He is the same size as a friends little boy who is 6 weeks older. I'm hoping the overalls will last til the end of winter!

The pattern for the  overall is from this book....

..I've made quite a few articles from this book and have been really pleased with the end results. So many more projects to come.

And the hat (sorry the photos not so good) is from this book....

It was patterns from this book that inspired and encouraged me to have a go at knitting on circular needles. All the hats are so cute and I have made quite a few of them  and now feel quite confident knitting in the round, with either circular needles or double pointed needles.

And here's a shot of Evan wearing his farm pants when he visited last week.

 They are the quick change pants from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings.

 They are made from a pillow case and a men's shirt that  I picked up from an Op shop . The pillow case was green check with farm scenes. Here you can see a dog chasing some sheep. I love making these pants!

The vest he's wearing is from here. One of the joys of being a grandma is sewing and knitting for the wee babes.



  1. You are one very clever grandma Kate.....Evan looks cute as in his knitted outfit. Great fabric you found for his pants too......

    Claire :}

  2. He is so handsome Kate and looks adorable in his grandma outfits. From my experience with boys you might want to cast on the next size up and get busy, they grow so fast! :)

  3. oh kate! your knits are beautiful, and look adorable on your darling grandbaby. isn't that the best? what a lovely grandma you are!

  4. You are such a cool grandma! I just love those little farm pants.

  5. You are so clever Kate! I love the overalls, he looks so cute! No way will they last winter though. Gee he's growing fast!

  6. Lovely Kate, that is really nice work.

  7. Evan looks absolutely adorable, and hopefully he will be able to keep wearing his " cool outfit" all this winter! The farm pants are great, too. Clever thing you are. xxx