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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slow Living May 2012

Well , June already. Our lives are so full and I wouldn't want it any other way. There are so many wonderful things to do. I'm joining in with Christine again this month and sharing what it's been like for me in May. I am so inspired by Christine and Evi and Linda and Cath and all the others that link up for the Slow Living Month. Be sure to wander on over there to see what everyone's up to.


Of course we must have bread every day and yoghurt every week. Mark makes his beautiful sourdough daily and I make 6 jars of yoghurt for the week. We have been enjoying the cooler weather and eating lots of soup-- pumpkin and vegetable mainly. If someone pops in unexpectedly we just bung on a soup. Another cold weather favourite is porridge. We purchased an oat roller and have been enjoying freshly rolled oats every morning - the difference in taste is remarkable.


We picked up our 2nd bulk order this week. Thankyou to Wendy and  her helpers for providing this wonderful service.Our bulk order will supply most of our dry goods for the next 3 months. Saves us money and trips to the shops.


Buying in bulk means less packaging. We reuse the plastic bags and use the little cliplock bags for freezing. I've started using cardboard underneath the bedding in the guinea pigs cages. It absorbs more moisture and can  be added to the compost when finished with. We had a great visit to the dump shop a few weeks ago and were very happy to be able to repurpose a few items found....

A trolley to bring produce up from the garden

...and a pony for Evan..


Mad another batch of laundry liquid as per Down to Earth blog. Made 9lts for about $2 total cost which should last me a few months.


Loving the winter veg. at the moment, lots of greens- kale, mizuna, tatsoi and bokchoy, and the beetroot has been yummy too.


Enjoying the longer evenings because that's when I get my knitting done. And what fun I've been having knitting for my grandson. I've also found a little time for some sewing, completing a few outfits for friends toddlers.

 I have been asked would I make some similar to sell. I have had such fun making them- sourcing the fabric from Op shops and using vintage patterns and adding some applique.Could I find some time???
I've created Purple Pear Farm Birthday parties. Parties without Hype, waste additives, junk etc. Going well with really great feedback from parents and children.


Rediscovering my love of novels. It seems an age since I sat and read just for pleasure, but over the last month or so I've been popping into the library and picking up some light reading!


This month has seen Mark and I involved in presenting composting workshops for a neighbouring council. the council pays us for the workshop but offers it free to residents and they get to take home a free compost bin also.


I sure did enjoy having all my girls together when the oldest and youngest came up to visit their new nephew. Oh and I am enjoying my new grandson and spending some lovely time with him and his mum. It changes the relationship when your daughter is also a mum.

What a wonderful month. I look forward to June and all it's wintery blessings. Happy June to you all!!



  1. Hi Kate, this is a great post. I should join and follow Slow Living Month. It really is a great idea and really shows what has been achieved over the sometimes forget! The oat roller looks interesting, I didn't know they were available. Do you mind me asking where you bought yours from? Love the pony...what a find!

  2. What a great month, Kate! I have oat roller envy.....I've never seen one but it looks like a very handy gadget! I hear what you are saying about time to make things to sell - I have considered it too and always it comes back to time! Or lack of it! The little outfit is very cute and I'm sure you would sell some.
    I think when your daughter has a child she understands her mother a whole lot more and is in some way a lot more appreciative of your effort and her upbringing. It brings you closer somehow, that sharing of sacrifice and joy. Just my thoughts ;o) xx

  3. Hey Kate, a post chocful of interesting happenings.....I've never heard of an oat roller.
    I love porridge too...

    You are one clever lady whether it be with knitting needles or a sewing machine, you certainly have the knack. Love the fabric colours....

    How nice to have all the girls together......wonderful memories.

    Have a great week,

    Claire ;}

  4. your such an inspiration kate, i too love that oat roller and have never seen one. i went to a talk yesterday about worm composting, even though they give me the creeps, i need to have 'the girls' in my yard now. (not a fan of worms!)

  5. A fantastic month for you, Kate! I am smitten with your oat roller!!

    Your sewn toddler outfit is just TOO cute. I also caught site of some of your party pics over at Little Eco Footprints - I really like the thought you've put into the fine details - right down to the glass bottles with tags. Very sweet.

    Special times too with daughters and grandson visits.

    It's great to have you joining in again, have a lovely month! xx

  6. I like the idea of your birthday parties - maybe I could start something this side of the world as we are sorely in need of them!

  7. I love the little outfit and you would have no trouble selling similar. The question is would you want to devote the time with everything else you have on your plate? Love the pony for Evan. The fresh rolled oats must be wonderful. I know we were amazed when we first tasted freshly ground flour.

  8. That oatmeal roller is very interest. I have never seen one before. My "one of these days" items is a wheat grinder. I still haven't gotten around to it yet. What a lucky find...the little pony. And the birthday parties sound great. Great post.

  9. What great finds at the dump shop!

    I love the idea of daily home made bread. :-)

  10. A wonderful post, I'm now wishing I lived in the Hunter Valley so I could come to a compost workshop and have my daughters' birthday parties at Purple Pear farm, a waste-free party sounds just my style. Love the little pony, how could someone take that to the dump? The outfit you sewed is gorgeous! I'd buy it. And finally I loved what you said about the relationship between mothers and daughters changing when both of you are mothers. I really relate to that since having my first baby three years ago.

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