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Friday, August 24, 2012


Winter hasn't finished with us yet. Just as I was settling into the warmer days and starting to shed a few layers, the wind came up, the thunder cracked, the rain came down and the jumper came back on.

An early morning view from my bedroom window. Still has a winter look about it, don't you think? But I am enjoying the lengthening days. Wondering around the garden on a balmy afternoon has been a delight over the last week or so.

This change in season always has me contemplating seasonality, and Linda over at Greenhaven describes it so beautifully.

Hope you all have a most wonderful weekend

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  1. It is an overcast morning here today and with the ac running I can pretend it's a winter day!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yes, I have been doing some wandering too and noticing the blossoms and the change in season ocurring. It was warm here too, until that storm hit. We'd taken the rug off the horse, and arrived home to find it blown off the gate and over onto the road. It must have been a strong gust!

  3. It does look wintery out your window Kate! I'm glad you liked my calendar. I wish I could find an indigenous one. They were much more in touch with the seasons. I really should record my observations and get a true idea but there's always too much to do already!

  4. Oh yes we had soaking rain in Canberra to finish off the week, i just laid a bale of straw in the chicken run to soak up the wet & put 4 loads of washing on the line, life is back in harmony again, love Posie

  5. Spring has really sprung here in Brissie. We've had 27 degree days here in the last week. Its wonderful but at the same time, you start thinking howe hot this summer will be!!