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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a whopper!

The hens are coming back on the lay. Hooray! Today we got just over 1 dozen and the largest was a whopping great 135gms. I don't know how she did it.

Here it is on the left with a normal sized hen egg

Here it is with a duck egg

And here it is with a bantam egg.
It's the largest hen egg we've ever had. I looked to see if any of the hens was suffering from her incredible achievement. But they all appeared OK. Mark said to look out for the one with crossed eyes!

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  1. That is wonderful! Isn't it great getting egg surprises! Hope you can link in with my garden journals on thursdays! xx

  2. wow i got one 122gm in June and i8t turned out to be a double yolker.

  3. Perhaps it is a swan egg. Remember the story of the Ugly Duckling that hatched and was different to all the others?Hatch it!

  4. I love that!
    I wonder if it will be a double yolker.
    Bet it's extra delicious.

  5. What a girl!
    We have one little hen that lays our largest eggs and they always have the most wonderful orange yolks! Enjoy the bounty.

  6. That is one egg. Love your comment on seeing if the other hens were suffering after her achievement.

  7. What a whopper, that's for sure! Ouch! I think I counted at least a dozen eggs today as well. No ducks here are laying yet...

  8. Wow - now that's an egg! Our little girls are going for it as well. We now have 29 girls and one big boy and we are getting 18-24 eggs a day. Amazing!

  9. That's amazing Kate. Our record is 92grams and I though that was big! You might even have a triple-yolker at that size!

  10. Crossed eyes indeed! Lovely to see you back Kate, I missed your posts, although I am sad to hear you will be doing less classes. I have wanted to catch one for ages but the hubby works weekend shift and the girls are playing netball (season's almost over). Cheers.
    PS Was that you I heard on the radio a while back, talking about kids birthday parties?

  11. My girls are boring! That's a beauty!