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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Wedding

It was great to catch with with family at my nieces wedding on Friday...

Don't they make a lovely couple? So, so happy and so much in love.

I tried taking more photos but my camera doesn't do well for night time distance shots, so when they came to our table I snatched this one. Amanda looked absolutely beautiful. The night was filled with love, lovely heartfelt speeches, especially by her dad.  And the 2 newest members of the family got to meet...

My grandson Evan and my nephew's daughter, who is just a few months older.

And more of Evan at the reception, just because I'm a proud grandma...

   With Poppy Mark


  1. oh how beautiful! congratulations to the lovely couple, they do look so happy. and the babies are absolutly adorable! your little grand is a doll.

  2. The wedding couple are just lovely Kate, they look so young and happy with their future before them.
    My goodness, you have the most beautiful grandson and you have every right to be proud!

  3. Lovely bride and beautiful babies! Evan looks absolutely smoochable!