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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making Passata

Last year we made about 20 bottles of passata. It didn't last long. We go through, on avarage, a bottle a week. It was fairly time consuming as, after heating the tomatoes, we only had a small sieve in which to strain out the skins and seeds.

So this year, knowing that we wanted to at least triple the amount of passata, I bought a passata machine....

I wanted something easy to use and easy to clean, stainless steel and didn't rely on electricity for power. This little hand powered machine fit the bill. A few days ago, while waiting for the machine to arrive, I hand strained a pot of tomatoes through the sieve. This machine is just so much quicker and less tiring.

So with a box of juicy, ripe red romas...

Mark and I spent half a day making passata. We cut the tomatoes into quarters and put them in a large heavy based pot and heat them through.
This just helps to get all the juice. From there straight into the machine. We put the pulp back through 3 more times to make sure we have as much liquid as possible. This goes back into the pot to be reheated so that it's nice and hot when it goes into the sterlized jars.

 We sterilize the jars in the oven so they are hot also. The lids are boiled on the stove top


Once in the jars the lids are tightened and as it cools the lids pop and the jars are then sealed. If the lid doesn't pop then it can't be kept for an extended time, but can be kept in the fridge and used within the week.

We will be demonstrating this procedure as part of our Preserving The Harvest workshop on the 2nd February. More information  can be found on our  website.


  1. Looks fabulous! Where did you buy the machine, did it cost much and how much passat a did you get from your box of tomatoes? Gee I'm a bit of a sticky nose today, aren't I.

    1. Hi Linda, I got the machine from The Bake and Brew Shop inSA. It cost $54.95 plus $19.45 for freight. the freight's a bit much i think as it is very light!.We got about 20 jars for 20kgs. just a guess as I didn't weigh the box. Anyway around $60 worth if I'd bought it from the Organic shop so nearly paid for the machine!

  2. Fantastic. That machine is well worth the purchase, then, and for it to be non-electric, that's even better. You have my mind ticking along, now!

  3. Looks like a handy and worthwhile tool Kate.

    Hope your garden is coping with this heat. x t.

  4. I have started learning about preserving more foods, so this is a timely post. We have been making tomato sauce but the kids are eating it quicker than I can keep it on the shelf for Winter. I must grow more tomatoes next year!

  5. hello, i am reading your great blog after a search online for passata maker. amazing where one ends up...... this machine looks perfect and i think i'll see if they ship to NZ or get it sent to an Aussie pal. A quick question, do you think it could process the stones and skins from ripe or maybe stewed plumsas well as tomatoes? cheers, heather