Permaculture in Action

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Autumn Birthday

A party for a 1 year old was the request. What to do for a 1st birthday and seasonal at that. We aimed the party at the little girls big brother and chose food that would be enjoyed by a mixed age group. It was a little harder to find food from the garden at this time of year, but I did find some cucumber and mint and we always have honey. So it was seasonal fruit kababs, pink lemonade, popcorn, farm shaped gingerbread and date balls. The latter two being new additions to the menu. I found a recipe for bate balls that were nut free as I'm very aware now of the nut allergies that seem prevalent in this country. These date balls included sunflower seeds instead and were delicious.
Our story is also seasonal. Today Vicki told the sorty of the bulb baby looking for it's home. The bulb eventually found a home enfolded within the Earth, and all the children took a little bulb baby (daffodil) home to place in their garden.
After the story there were banana and yoghurt ice blocks to eat.

We always have a gift for the children to take home, based on the story they have just heard. For some parents this is enough. For others the parents feel the need to give quite large take home gifts which include small plastic toys and lollies. We try to model an alternative. Today the mum had a small gift for all the children and I was pleasantly surprised....

A well thought out gift which complimented the visit to the farm beautifully I think. Seedling pots, seeds, directions and a name tag, which all came in a simple brown paper bag with simple decorations. Love it!


  1. That seems as though it was a lovely day, and what a nice, and relevant, take home gift.

  2. I love the take home gift. sometimes I try to think of little things I can give my students at the end of the year and really hate the thought of buying little plastic cars etc.... but maybe I could do something similar , the gift will keep on giving .

  3. You host the loveliest childrens parties, Kate. I wish I had a little one again just so they could enjoy one!

    Love the seed favour bag, how clever. I bet it was a great hit! :)