Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


* I made yoghurt. 2litres of milk gives me 4 jars. Enought for the week.
* Potted up some seedlings for Autumn planting starting with some cabbages.
* Planted some trees near the new dam/ swimming hole. Finally it's full.
* Weeded the garden in the back yard. That's a Teepee I made for playgroup that you can see just to the right.
* Carded some wool for spinning. I'm half way throught knitting a shawl using my own homespun!
* Cooked Gardeners Pie for dinner. We are expecting Rhonnie and Evan for dinner, and Gardener's  Pie is one of Evan (and Mark's) favourites. It's  the vegetarian version of Shepherds pie substituting lentils for the meat. But first of all we must feed the animals and what better way than to ride in the cart!

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