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Monday, April 15, 2013

Autumn Celebrations.

No fear be near when vapours rise,
Mist Dragon preys to weaken.
Let iron force through blood stream course,
Courageous autumn meeting!

What a beautiful Autumnal evening we had for our festival. Our friends were greeted with a beutiful display of our summer harvest, with a basket of goodies for each of the band members.

 Remember back here I talked about my musings over our topsy turvy festivals. We got together with some dear friends and organised an evening that suited us all in our search for more meaning to our festivals.

Here we are readying ourselves for Eurythmy

We started with Eurythmy which is a creative artistic interpretation, created by Rudolf Steiner, relating to the sounds and rhythms of speech. For our celebration we enjoyed participating in an interpretation of the above verse.

As the nature forces draw back into the earth in autumn, the picture of light and dark, Michael and the Dragon presents itself. During autumn our darker side, (intolerance, irritability, crankiness etc.) our dragons so to speak, can surface. We can enlist the help of Michael, to draw on our courage, to subdue these dragons.

After our performance I took those who were interested along with me on my evening rounds of the farm. We fed animals and collected eggs, locking away any of the livestock who may be bothered by foxes. The children were particularly eager to participate in this activity.

We gathered once again as the sun was setting to enjoy the evening meal with contributions of food lovingly prepared and brought along by all. We even had Dragon bread.Thanks Diana.

Luckily the head was still left next morning so that I could get a photo!

As the night got darker we lit the fires and lanterns and danced to the music of Ozamigos. Evan loved the music and danced and danced and danced.  Notice the beautiful jumper he is wearing, lovingly knitted by his Aunty Meghann for his 1st birthday.

Here's one of Evan dancing with his Pop. They actually had to stop so I could get the photo but you get the picture! Evan can't take his eyes of the band and verbally complained whenever they dared to take a break. He obviously enjoyed his meal  judging by the amount that is still around his mouth. It was dark after all.
It was a great night and for me, a lovely way to bring myself into the Autumn.



  1. Catherine, Jak and I had the most wonderful time!! We felt so privileged to have been a part of this great festival!

    Evan was a delight to watch - he was totally enthralled by that band.

    Thanks again Kate, we look forward to being involved in more such festivals!

  2. what a wonderful gathering kate, great family photos and i really love your table display, such bounty!

  3. Thanks for a fabulous festival Kate and Mark. In all my years of making Dragon bread, you may have been the first to manage to catch a photo :-) Well, the head anyway!

  4. It looks as if it was a great festival. That table of produce looks wonderful, and that photograph of Ronnie and Evan - wow. Ronnie looks happy and well, Evan looks a handsome little man, and I like Aunty Meghann's jumper! xxx

  5. I am so enjoying your blog ~ I need a chunk of time to sit and visit your earlier posts. :) Just wonderful.