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Monday, April 8, 2013

Eight two year olds

A few weeks back I was contacted by a mum with a two year old. Her ante natal mother's group come together to celebrate their children's birthdays. They are all turning 2 within the next 6 weeks and chose Purple Pear Farm this year to celebrate. So eight little (nearly) two year olds turned up to the farm on Saturday.

We did the usual walk around the farm feeding the animals and collecting the eggs, but instaed of our usual story I set up a farm scene...

and while we were on our walk the gates had been left open.....

and the animals escaped...

The children delighted in helping the farmer cathch the animals......

and return them to their paddock..

As a take home gift I made some little paper baskets and gave each child an egg.

Tired children, tired mothers and tired farmer!!


  1. Beautiful. What a great story, and experience for them all.

  2. I love reading about your parties! The are always so imaginative

  3. Where were you (or someone like you) when i was doing the childhood party rounds (many years ago). I must have sat through at least 50 McD parties between the ages of (2 - 5).

  4. Kate I'm so glad you can share the 'farm' experience with these much fun and the little egg baskets are just too cute.
    What a wonderful way to celebrate turning 2....

    Claire :}

  5. That is such a fun game for them to play, great idea!! love it. sarah