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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yarn Along

              A warm welcome to my new followers. Lovely to have you along for the ride.

Over the years as I've learnt to knit there have been a number of things that I have put off attempting. I was really put off trying socks because they looked so difficult but I had a go and have made 4 pairs now. I thought fair isle was way beyond me but after a request by my son in law to make him a hat I gave that a go and found that it wasn't that difficult at all and turned around and made a second hat straight waway. And another technique I have been a little  frightened of attempting has been cabling. Well wouldn't you know it it's not that hard after all.

I chose the milo vest by Georgie Hallam for my first attempt and  I'm ever so pleased to see the little cable appearing. The vest knits up quickly in the round and I've learnt a couple of little skills along the way as well as the cable.

The book I'm reading is Heaven on Earth- a hand book for parents of young children. Some great advice for nuturing the young child and just as important for the grandma as for the parent.

This was actually last week's post but I couldn't get the photo to download. I actually finished this vest and passed it on to the wee one before taking a final photo. It turned out so well that I've started another in red (a favourite colour of his dad's). Will try to remember to get a finished photo maybe of the young man himself wearing it.

Linking up with Ginny this week for Yarn Along.


  1. Love your knitting! I have planed for almost a year to knit that vest! Nice color.

  2. I really like the milo pattern and have been eyeing it off for some time..just waiting for someone we know to have a baby so I can pounce on my knitting needles and make one! The colour yarn you have chosen is really sweet, too. A beautiful gift for a little one! :)

  3. I love you Milo! I am hoping to make this vest for my grandsons for the I have a few months still! Such a pretty color, too.

  4. I learned cabling the first time I made a garment more complicated than a scarf! Remember that wool we bought for a dollar a ball at the IGA in Rutherford? Pure wool, it was. And I made that jumper from a pattern book we shared. It took me several years to finish it, but I remember being so surprised that cabling was so easy -- I thought I was being a bit foolhardy jumping in with such a complicated stitch on my first big project.

    I'm surprised you've not cabled before, actually, considering how skilled you are with your knitting. I think I'm going to have to try the fair isle soon -- it's one thing I've been putting off!

  5. you are so right kate! your knitting is lovely, i love the sunny yellow milo!

  6. woohoo on learning a new skill! and that book is amazing. i love it!

  7. One aspect of knitting I love is the challenge of a new stitch, a new pattern, or another way of doing a learned skill. Congratulations on being brave enough to try...and succeed.