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Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're Not Having Junk Food Are We?

Over the weekend we hosted three Purple Pear Farm birthday parties. There was one for a 7 year old, one for a six year old and one for two five year old girls, friends who share the same birthday.

It was at the five year olds party that one of the birthday girls came to me, with a very concerned look on her face, and said, "We're not having junk food are we?" Apparently one of the guests had said to her that she couldn't wait for the junk food. This birthday girl comes from a family that really knows their food. Her parents run Momo Wholefood Café, which serves delicious, wholesome ,organic delights. I was able to reassure her that I would not be serving any junk food. A look of relief washed over her little face. And she wasn't disappointed. In fact the food at all three parties was eagerly consumed. The food is all handmade from mostly organic ingredients. It is wholesome and delicious, but we still manage to give it a party look. For these cooler months we have added warming foods to the menu.

Pizza... We make a very simple pizza for the children. Mark makes the bases using organic flour and blind bakes them. Vicki adds tomato sauce and grated cheese while I'm taking the children to meet the animals and it's ready for them when they return. They were a huge hit. A very nutritious party food.

I forgot to take a photo of the party pizza but there was enough dough left for Mark and I to have pizza for dinner. We made one similar to the party pizza but added mushrooms and onion.

We also made hot chocolate for the children, to drink. One little girl said to her mum "A special drink just for my birthday ". Her mum lent toward me and said that the children didn't get this sort of food very often. It was special birthday food.

I often ask the parents where they had heard about our parties and what was it that we offered that appealed to them. We get various answers but much of the time it's about the food. They want home made, preservative free, wholesome food, that still has a party quality to it. They want good food, special food that they don't always have.

How nice to be able to present food to children that appreciate good food, who see pizza and hot chocolate as party food. Children who really appreciate this food as special because they don't have it everyday. Children who don't crave junk food, who don't expect to take home a lolly bag.

When I started out on this venture I wasn't sure that it was what people wanted. I felt that there would be parents out there who wanted an alternative to the hyped up, fast food, commercial kind of parties that were available and I haven't been disappointed. It is easy to become despondent in this day and age, but I know deep in my heart that there is a surge of disgruntled people looking for something different, something more wholesome, especially for their children. Every party we have warms my heart and gives me hope.


  1. The pizza looks very delicious! Wish we lived closer I no my younger children would be happy with all that wholesome 'party food' and a visit to your farm.

  2. There is a surge of disgruntled people looking for something different.

    You are presenting such a wonderful alternate to what has unfortunately become the norm. And you are doing your bit in changing what the norm looks like.


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  4. Sorry about the double posting - am having a tricky time with making comments lately, and now I cannot go back and delete one of the messages. xx

    1. No worries Ree deleted it this end. And thankyou both Ree and Lynn for your lovely comments.

  5. sounds really lovely kate, and that pizza looks AMaZing!

  6. Kate ,if my kids were this age , I would be having all their parties at Purple Pear. I used to dread taking my kids to birthday parties .... it meant all the hard work I had been doing with regards to foods and allergies would be undone and you couldn't tell the children not to eat it .I would even pack little healthy things of food to take with them,but the pink food colouring on the other food always won!I think all the families who come home from parties like yours would have happy , tired children who go to bed satisfied with good food in their tummies.
    I can imagine that if this was on the Kidspot site , all the families from Sydney would be driving up for your parties!