Permaculture in Action

Monday, August 5, 2013


Over at Rhonda's there's a decluttering challenge going on. Five things every Monday for the month and one item every other day of the week. It's a bit late in the day but I'm sure I can find five items....

I'm back. It took me five minutes.. 

a pair of pants, a scarf, a vase, a carafe and a cup and saucer.

If I can't rehome them they'll go to the op shop. So one each day for the rest of the week. can't be that hard can it? We'll see. They will go in a box until the end of the month and then make there way to some sort of reuse centre.
What do you think. Are you in? Wander on over to Rhonda's blog if you're up for it.


  1. What a great system! I've got a pile already growing at the door - I like the sound of this system though so I'm heading over to Down To Earth to take a look at the challenge!

  2. Sounds good to me! Off to read Rhonda's post now :)

  3. I'm in! I was just thinking this morning that I need to challenge myself this month, I was thinking of something like 10-15 minutes/day on decluttering, but I am going to join Rhonda's challenge and keep it simple - and then see if I can't just keep that going.

    Also, I am finally going to try to implement the one in, one out principle in the house (no point decluttering one thing a day if the kids then bring home five things from Grandpa on the weekend. Well, there is a point, but you see what I mean).

    Thanks for the push :)