Permaculture in Action

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snow Pea Teepee

Using vertical space in a small backyard was the topic of conversation at the Purple Pear Playgroup today. The use of vertical space through trellising will increase the growing area. But of course all permaculturalists  know that everything should work at least two ways, so our snow pea trellis will become a child friendly tepee, the perfect hideaway for games and adventures for the little folk.
The mums got started on soil preparation with their little ones by their side, imitating all that they did.
Out came all the weeds. The soil itself was in pretty good condition so we didn't need to add anything. We bundled together the bamboo canes, cut from our bamboo hedge. and spread them out pushing the ends firmly into the ground. Twine was wrapped around the canes, leaving a gap for a door. This will help the snow peas to climb to the top covering the whole of the tepee apart from the door way. Peas were planted at the base of all the canes. Once the peas are fully grow the children can hide away inside and munch on snow peas.

Our playgroup always starts with breadmaking and then the feeding of the animals. Then we move back to the house garden to discuss anything permie and set to making a productive child friendly space for the littlies.

What ideas do you have for the very small in your back yard?


  1. What a beautiful play group you have there, Kate. Can't wait to be a part of it again soon x

  2. Love the teepee! I'm sure the kids will love playing in there and of course peas always taste better when picked straight from the garden.

  3. What a fantastic "real living" play group, can't wait to see the tee pee when it is fully grown :)
    In our backyard each spring we have a sunflower growing competition, but I have also seen pictures of sunflower cubby houses.

  4. What a fantastic idea. I will definitely be incorporating this into my daycare next year.

  5. I love this idea. I talked to my son about making one last year, but there was just no where we could do it, where the kids could get to it (and the sun) and the dog and chooks couldn't. This year will be different though!

  6. What a wonderful activity. You are certainly doing great things there at Purple Pear. x

  7. That looks lovely, Kate. There is another idea I read about in Jackie French's book where you plant a'sunflower room'. The sunflowers are planted in one row in square shape and it becomes a sunflower 'cubby ' without a roof.I am thinking of trying it this year!
    I wish your playgroup was around when my kids were little. It would have been bliss!