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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Would Have Known...

Who would have known that when I decided to make honey the focus for an eight-year-old's party, that the girls had just finished a series of lessons on bees at school? So when Mark came around the corner in a cloud of smoke and dressed in his bee gear, the girls were abuzz with excitement.

Mark had robbed the hive the day before and taken two frames out; he held one up to the sunlight. The girls could see the golden sun shining through the honey, some cells a little darker than the rest.

They watched as Mark sliced the wax cappings off with a hot knife and then place the frames into the extractor. Mark spun the handle and the honey flew out, hitting the sides and dripping down to the bottom. I gave each child a small jar which they filled. Immediately, they took their jar out into the sun to see it shine through the golden liquid. We talked about the thousands of trips each bee takes to make just one teaspoon of honey. They knew that if a bee stung you it would die, a sacrifice for the good of the hive. They knew so much about bees already and to see it all come to life for them was a beautiful thing. One little girl mentioned that they were sure to pass their test about bees now! We talked about what we could do to say thank you to the bees and decided that it would be nice to grow more flowers, so I gave them each a little packet of seeds to take home and plant. There were sunflower, nasturtium and marigold seeds, all beautiful flowers for the bees as well as for the garden.

Honey Jumbles were the main attraction at the party table...

And, for the birthday girl, a banana cake surrounded by pretty nasturtiums.

They all left feeling very happy, Mum and Dad the most pleased of all. It was just what they wanted and more for their little girl and all her friends.


  1. The whole day sounds a success in many ways; you are doing much for the younger ones coming along. As to the food, I haven't had honey jumbles since I was a child, and that cake with the flowers looks superb!

  2. They say if you want to see a a change in the world then make it happen - one step at a time. I believe you are doing it one party at a time! What great ideas you have!

  3. Kate , you are doing wonders with these parties!

  4. Those honey jumbles look amazing!

  5. Hi Kate, I've missed you (my doing as I just haven't been blog hopping!)!!! But seems like you have been doing all sorts of wonderful things on your little patch! Your beautiful cake reminded me of the ones I used to make my older children..... slathered with honey and philly cheese frosting and decorated with what ever types of flowers happened to be in the garden at that time of year. Such a wonderful simple cake idea and they look a million dollars.
    On another note, I'm heading up your way in late September and would love to drop in though I'm not sure how to email you....? Should I use the farm email address?

    1. Hi Evie. That's so exciting. I would love to have you come and visit. You can email me through the farm's website.

  6. that cake!! amazing!!

    sarah. xx