Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Wow, what a place. It has a little bit of everything in terms of sustainability.

I love their Adventure Habitat.....not a playground, no not at all!Here's a design of what they hope to achieve..

There is an earthbag dome to crawl through, peer out of, sit in, and rocks and logs to climb and walk along. A sandpit to play in and hills and slopes to climb. And more things are planned for the future in partnership with some local artists. My mind has been busy with design ideas for something similar here on the farm. Any artists out there want to help?

....And a little bit of mosaic love would be nice!

We went on a tour of their chicken run. This is the fence facing into the market area. Isn't it cool? The chicken run opens up into an adjoining food forest.

  Very well set out I thought...With gentle reminders to be respectful of the animals..

While enjoying some morning tea at the cafe we were entertained by a troupe celebrating the return of the Kingfisher to the area. They danced and sang and told the story of how the local creek became so polluted that the Kingfisher vanished but after some years of rehabilitating the creek and surrounds the Kingfisher returned.

There was enough going on for us to easily spend the best part of the day there, what with the makets, tours and entertainment and food at the cafe. Much to learn from this day! There is an eco home to wonder through, a bicycle repair shop with this really cool shade area made from bike wheels...

The following day we returned for a workshop. we were lucky enough to be down there at the same time as the cider workshop was being held. It was run by Pete the Permie who has an apple orchard just outside Melbourne. He runs many workshops on his farm similar to us but also runs them for CERES. It was much more about researching workshops as anything and we were happy to see that we run ours in a similar fashion to Pete who has quite a following.And on top of that we learned how to make cider as well as tasting quite a range, Just as well we weren't driving!


  1. Wow, what an amazing lace Kate and not just for kids either.
    Love the mosaic chooks on the table.......gorgeous.
    A fun day indeed......

    Clarie :)

  2. What an inspiring place. I love that chook mosaic table!