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Friday, November 8, 2013

Meeting Up With Family And Friends

While we were in Melbourne we got to catch up with my youngest daughter Sarah and her partner. Sarah is in Melbourne completing her degree and with it being her second last week she was very busy with assignments but we managed to spend some lovely evenings together....a delicious meal in, cooked by Aaron and a couple of meals out, at some of the great eateries that the area has to offer.

And one day we hopped on a train and headed north for about an hour to meet up with Linda who has a blog that I follow called Greenhaven Goodlife.

here we are in Linda's beautiful garden overlooking the hills.
  I was so excited to be meeting her in person. I feel I have known her and her family for years now. I very much admire the way Linda faces the challenges of this time and how she does all this while also bringing up 3 young children. She is strong, passionate about her ideals and her family and determined to get on with making the world a better place.

Linda made us a beautiful lunch using things growing in her garden. We sat and chatted, we wandered through her garden discussing this and that. We discovered we have so much in common. I kept saying.. "Me too" or ''I'm like that" even down to the fact that we both have similar angels hanging from our rearview mirror.. See Linda, here's mine...

It was lovely to meet Belle, Pumpkin and Buddy Boy, Linda's three youngest children They were an absolute delight. Here's Belle with her gosling..

One day Linda is going to bundle those kids into her car and drive up here to stay with us. That's something I look forward to. Thanks for a great day Linda!


  1. How lucky you were to meet Linda in person! I love reading her blog and always feel like I know her for real.

  2. Wow Kate! I'm blown away by your angel! It IS the same as mine! Just a didifferent colour. Lovely to see photos of our day together. I really do want to visit so I'm thinking maybe early next year I'll do a blogging Buddy car trip. I'm happy to see Kim's comment coz I'd love to drop in at her place as well. Shame Evi's over the water. She's high on my list as well.

  3. Ohhhh meeting blogging friends how exciting. I love being able to feel part of other bloggers lives.