Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Op Shopping

I'm aiming to make most of my gifts this year, especially those gifts for the little ones, but there were some things that I just couldn't make. So today I took a little wander around the local op shops and found some real treasures.

Any one for a tea party.....

For a special little some one who loves making a cup of tea. I didn't really need to buy him anything more but I just know he will love them.

And for a little grand daughter who is expecting a cubby house for Christmas I found some bowls and spoons....

which will go with some knitted fruit that we found at the local Steiner school fair....

Gifts for two more people were also bought at op shops today but I can't show you right now because the proposed recipients may be watching!

It was so much fun shopping at the op shops. There were no crowds. I didn't spend much money but got just the things I thought would be enjoyed. There's no guilt attached to the purchases because they were all second hand. I didn't feel pressured by all the choice that is available these days in the shopping centres and the money spent goes to a charity.

My other gifts of choice are  locally made, ethically made, and home made. I'll show you some of my home made gifts a little later ( when they are actually finished!!)


  1. Some great buys, there, Kate - without all the fuss and busyness.

  2. Well done! I source supplies for homemade gifts at the opshops and each year I take my children to shop for us at the oppys. They love it, and so do the staff in the opshop who get to help :)