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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Balance In a Slow Living Kinda Way

Somebody said that there New Years focus will be on achieving a more balanced lifestyle. One where work and play will have a more equal share. Now I don't know how equal mine will be but surely making room for a bit more play wouldn't go astray. And so prompted by a Christmas gift from my daughter Meg and her partner, I have ventured out into a new playing field!!!

 Yes, that's right, a ukelele!

 Here's Evan with mine on Christmas day. He thought it was his 'tar. Just the right size for a little boy.
Evan with his Poppy and Poppy's blue ukelele

Two of The Do Riders, with some extra ukelele players, playing at Mark's 60th just before Christmas. 

Ever since we found out that Mark, from our favourite local band, The Do Riders, was giving ukelele lessons we thought we would give it a go. But you know how these things go, all the good intentions, and nothing gets done. Well the gift has inspired us and Monday night was our first jam sessions, which is what it is, really. In hindsight we should have had a lesson or two first but I had fun none the less. Next time there will be a lesson beforehand.

We met in the beer garden of a local pub and Mark ( from the band) led us in some songs. There was some great singing, along with the strumming. A talented bunch!

In the past families made their own entertainment with sing alongs around the piano. I know that's how my dad's family spent their evenings.I didn't have that experience as a child although I do remember my dad whistling and singing as he went about his day. He was also good at reciting a little poetry. Mark certainly has memories of bush poetry recitals around campfires and such when he was a youngster. But when I was a child TV replaced this for our evenings entertainment. And now we have someone else making our music for us, at the press of a button any time we like. Fast music, just like fast food. It's time to bring back the slow music. Certainly in my case it's very slow, chord changing is just one finger at a time!


  1. How cool. Collective music making is so much fun, I really miss it from my childhood. And as for families in the past, I have tons of family stories of how, when my grandparents were little, everyone made a contribution to the collective music - instrument or voice - and they would get together with neighbouring families for informal concerts. Sounds like a lot more fun than collectively zoning out in front of the tv...

  2. Oh Kate! I just love it! And I wish I lived near there. Buddy Boy had a ukele and really wanted to play it. I have no idea so in the end he just used it like a toy and now it's ruined. I agree with what you say about entertainment. I never learnt to play an instrument and would love the kids to be able to. I think I'll buy a new one and find someone to teach us.

    1. Well worth it I reckon. A lot easier to play than a guitar so they say and lots of fun. Meg is learning to play some instruments so that she can model that behavior for her kids. Such a lot of fun, musical gatherings. And it doesn't matter so very much if your not a great singer cause it all seems to blend.