Permaculture in Action

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In Preparation

Rhonnie is due to have her second baby in April, so in preparation, my eldest daughter and I took advantage of our fortnightly get together, to stockpile some meals. There will only be 2 years between babies so I know that time will be precious when the babe arrives. What better way to help her prepare for this busy time than to help out with meals. And what a lovely way to spend some time together..we love it.

 A very pregnant Rhonwyn with her sister Meghann. Evan likes to be involved!

Pizza for lunch. Pumpkin and basil from Rhonnie's garden and some lovely paneer for a delicious touch.

10 meals ready to freeze. Tomato pasta sauce, chickpea curry and cauliflower pasta sauce. They will just need to cook up some rice or pasta. We will make up some vegetarian lasagne and spinach canneloni next time.

Meghann's birthday gift to her sister. A picnic rug made from vintage sheets, backed with a vintage chenille bedspread. Pattern from Amanda Soule's book.

We had a lovely and very productive time. It's a time I look forward to every second Thursday, this gathering with two of my daughters. We all miss the youngest daughter/ sister Sarah who is busy with her degree in Melbourne and look forward to the time that she may be able to join us.


  1. How wonderful that a new soul will be coming to your family.
    It is still morning here, but I would love to have a slice of your pizza. Pumpkin, basil and paneer will all be on my next pizza.
    The picnic rug is very pretty.

  2. That picnic rug is just gorgeous! I LOVE anything that is made from vintage sheets and chenille! I have boxes of the stuff;) Pizza looks really yummy too!

  3. What a wonderful idea, and how supportive. Hope Rhonnie is keeping well. xxx

  4. We are also waiting for a new arrival in the family and I will be cooking up a whole lot of meals for my brother and sister in law. It is the first grandchild for my Hubby's family so we are all very excited. All the best to you all.