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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Creative Space

Finding the space within the busyness of farm life for a little creating has become a priority for me over the last few years. Whether it's sewing, knitting, spinning or whatever new thing that comes along, I make time for some each day.

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Just the odd bit of knitting happening here at the moment, so thought I'd share some creating that happened for Christmas...

A fishing game for a little grandson, made from felt with a touch of embroidery. A metal washer at the mouth, a little fleece stuffing and a magnet on some string, along with some watery blue coth and you have a sweet little game for a 2 to 3 year old.

One of my daughters felt that a doll's house would be lovely for her 4 year old niece, so we took a look around some second hand shops. We came across this one which we felt could come up to scratch with a little TLC. As it got closer to Christmas, my daughter was getting a bit overwhelmed with what needed to be done so I took over the project. Rhonnie had sanded the whole thing down, so I started on the painting. She decided to keep the floors wooden and to paint everything else.

A piece of timber beading was added to cover a few dents and curtains for the windows...

Paper bunting in the nursery...

And a bed for mamma and pappa....

Rhonnie was a little anxious about how the gift would be received as the family are not really into secondhand/homemade. But her niece was beside herself when she saw it. It was just what she'd dreamed of! Rhonnie had found some beautiful wooden furniture to add to the gift and I'm sure that there will be many more years of happy play from this little girl.

For our 6year old grand daughter I made an explorers bag from some curtain fabric that I had. And to put inside I made a pencil holder and journal. Along with a bought magnifying glass and second hand insect book I think it made a lovely discovery gift. The grand daughter was particularly taken with the pencil case, something she had coveted for a while apparently. You can be lucky some times!

For her four year old brother I made some things to throw. Don't small boys just love to throw things?
I made a parachute from some lovely blue silk and added a duplo man I had, and a shooting star streamer ball from some felt.

I really enjoyed creating these gifts. I find it much more rewarding than wandering around the shops with the hordes of Christmas shoppers (or at any time really).


  1. So many beautifully hand made gifts. Classic creative toys too. All the recipients are so lucky!

  2. What beautiful thoughtful gifts. A particular favourite was the dolls house, I am in the process of doing one for my grandchildren when they visit.

  3. Beautiful! So much nicer than shop-bought, and I agree - so much more fun to make!