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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Blustery Day For A Party!

It is cold and blustery today. We lit our fire for the first time this year. 

We even had a little rain. It felt like it was coming off the snow. Not very promising for a 3 year old boy's birthday. But I tell the mums when they book the parties that they will go ahead whatever the weather, because really, children need to be less protected from the extremes, don't you agree. Just make sure they are suitably dressed I explain. So we had no choice. .

We were blessed really, because apart from the two short showers that saw us duck for cover, the rest of the party remained dry, although a little cold. But mostly the children were undeterred. We started with apples because it is Autumn, and therefore apple season. I had the apple slinky ready.

The boys loved it. I  like to have an activity like this ready at the start of a party for those children who arrive first and are waiting for the latecomers to arrive. It gives them something to do and the added benefit here is that they also get a piece of fruit to eat before we start as they are sometimes too excited to eat before they come.

We did the usual animal feeding and then wandered down to the market garden to feed the hens and collect the eggs. Not many eggs today but an opportunity to tell the children that even hens need a little holiday. We meandered around the garden following all the curving paths." Do you grow corn?" I was asked. "Why yes we do. But the corn is just about finished now. It only likes the hot weather" This led us on to a discussion amongst the older guests (the three year olds just wanted to explore) about what grows at this time of year. We walked over to the snow peas which have just started to produce. Each small guest got a snow pea to try. This led us to the activity prepared for the day.Each child was given a portion of an egg carton to use as a seedling pot, which they filled with soil.They watered this and then placed a snow pea seed in each.

The carton was placed in a strawberry punnet to take it safely home, and the snow pea was pressed into the soil. With the lid closed it acts like a mini hot house until the seed germinates.

 Once the seedling is about 5cm tall it is able to go into the garden bed pot and all.

Gathering under the mulberry tree for a snack.

This was a boys party with children ranging from 18months to eight years. They were full of energy. After the snack they played chasing games amongst themselves. A few parents were seen to join in, and then it was time to take the tired birthday boy home.


  1. Hey Kate, love the idea of the mini hothouse in the strawberry punnet......
    These parties must be such fun for the kids.
    I'm sitting in front of our heater too, nice and cosy. We've had ours going for a few days now.
    Been a bit of rain here too which is great.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :)

  2. The party looks great and I love the bunting. Also your new grandchild is adorable. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Sounds like they all had fun! Jessie and her friends bobbed for apples on her birthday last month then we got the slinky out. Simple and easy fun.... We are thinking about getting the fire started. I always leave it to the last minute. Good, seasoned wood is expensive. Keep warm:)

  4. We had a birthday party at our place too, and a chilly wind blew right through us all. Nothing a bit of hefty running around the property couldn't cure though.