Permaculture in Action

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Simple Gift

Take one old cover from a directors chair, faded on the outside, but vibrant on the inside. Cut to size, overlock and hem. Fold and sew pockets for some dowel. Drill a hole in each end of the dowel through which string is threaded. Make it long enough to slip over the backs of two chairs and you have a hammock for your favourite little person's baby doll.

I decided to make one of these for Evan for Christmas and have had three requests for more . They have cost me nothing but a little time and repurposed something destined for the rag bag.

I'm sorry I have been absent from this space for so long. What's there to say really! Life takes me away to other things.


  1. Such a simple but really beautiful idea, perfect for gifts.

  2. Great to 'hear' from you again Kate! You have been lurking right there on the bottom of my sidebar links….until just now when I noticed you were first in the ranks!! I understand about life taking over, although in my case it was more that I needed to mull over life!!
    Lovely idea for a gift - the fabric reminds me of the deck chairs my parents had when I was a child!

  3. Great git idea Kate! Yes I too find life takes me away to other things constantly:) Take care and enjoy this lovely rain we have been having.

  4. What a wonderful use for the fabric the colours are just perfect for a hammock. Glad to hear an update from you.