Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Will We Cook This Week?

One of the things I love about growing our own food is the ever changing weekly menu. Sure there are old favourites that reappear each week but they invariably have a twist due to the ever changing produce that comes our of the garden. Another thing I love is that the produce is produced Biodynamically and so very full of vitality.

It makes so much sense to me to write a up a weekly plan to make sure I use this produce to make the most of this vitality and also ensure nothing goes to waste.

This week the plan uses the produce that goes in to our CSA boxes plus what I have in the pantry

Wednesday ~ Pizza with pesto.

Thursday ~  Pesto pasta

1/4 cup pine nuts (replace pine nuts with macadamia nuts from the box)
1 1/2 cups fresh basil leaves
2 small garlic cloves
3/4 cup parmesan
5 Tblspns olive oil
Mix altogether in food processor

Friday ~ Couscous and zucchini salad

Saturday ~ Stir Fry

Sunday ~ LETS picnic Pizza and pasta

Monday ~ Chili corn pie

Tuesday ~  Vegetable curry

Last night we celebrated the completion of our Pizza Oven by cooking a quiche ....

 Mark has worked hard to get the oven completed so that we can host the LETS (Local Energy  Trading System) Christmas party on Sunday night. We will be having pizza and pasta. So quite a few meals this week will be cooked in the pizza oven to make sure that it's up to scratch .

Quiche and weed salad shared with family and friends last night to celebrate 

Our lovely WWOOFer Julia has been making weed salads from the garden. Weeds included are fat hen, farmer's friends, purslane, plantain and dandelion, all very abundant at this time of year. Wonderful to think that there is always something to eat from the garden.


  1. Delicious looking salad. I am in awe of the pizza oven, what a great addition.

  2. It is my dream to have my own house one day with a big backyard enough, to grow some of vegetable myself. It seems to me more healthy this way. Besides you can have some vegetables when they're not for sale at the market or shop.

  3. Your wood oven looks amazing!

    And a lovely bright menu plan there. i need to get back into menu planning - well I have the menu plan down pat but about day three I loose passion. ;) But we have just moved to a little old cottage with a huge yard and are in the process of planning a whopper veggie patch so Im hoping I will re-find my passion then. Everything tastes better gently grown, or home grown. :)

    I have seen your blog a while ago - or web page and just stumbled upon it again today, so happy to have found it. I love what your doing.


  4. Ohhh I hope there are more photos of the pizza oven coming.