Permaculture in Action

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Farm Tour

On Tuesday some "earthy coasties " took a tour of our Farm to learn what they could about growing food for their local community.

They first took a look at our propagation house. This is where it all begins. All our seedlings are propagated here on the farm. It's pivotal to the whole CSA enterprise.

Showing how we do it here on the farm. Everyone does it differently and this is how it works for us. Seedlings germinated into punnets, potted up into small pots and put out into a hardening off area prior to planting out.

A rooster in with 10 hens inside our chook domes keeps the hens happy. Less fighting among the hens.

One of our hens showing of her latest hairdo.

While Mark talks to our visitors I make good use of the time collecting snails. The small amount of rain had the snails moving around. Great protein for the hens.

Explaining the system. Chooks do the cultivating and then are moved onto the next bed leaving a bed free of bugs and weeds and fertilized ready for new seedlings.

Our dear old dog Aggie following us around while we conduct the tour.

Drops of rain on the chilli.

Explaining the planting regime. Fast growing plants like this Tatsoi inter planted with slow growing plants. By the time the slower growing larger plants need the room the quicker growing plants have been harvested.

Discussing the bed set aside for the attraction of beneficials. This is our pest control;.

Ten years ago we decided to set ourselves up as a model to showcase our small market garden To show people how to live sustainably, to grow food and sell the excess or like us start a CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture).  We would like to see more market gardens started in and around towns and cities to feed the local community.


  1. You're lucky your chickens eat snails - mine ignore them...

    1. mine too - unless i crush them first. go figure!?

  2. Im was told that snails harbout gut parasites for chooks. Does antone know?

  3. you have a wonderful farm there, i'd just be happy if a few vegies would grow

    thanx for sharing

  4. We hope to do a tour down your way later this year so will stay in touch so we can do a tour. We are looking to do something similar in NZ.