Permaculture in Action

Friday, June 2, 2017

A mixed bag today.
For me I found some time to work on another Quill from Taproot Magazine.

We picked up 40 rescued ex factory farm hens. They made them selves right at home scratching and having a dust bath, and two eggs laid in minutes of leaving their boxes and cages.
Quite sad to see the state they're in and their cut beaks, but I'm sure they'll be happy here.

It was compost making day. we use tomato stakes to make our heap, adding more as the heap gets higher and taking them away to make a new heap as the heap breaks down and shrinks.
We make an indentation at the bottom to hold excess water as we make the heap.

Paddock slashings, water and manure, and greens are added in layers as the heap increases in height.

The heap continues to rise and will be capped with biscuits of hay tomorrow after the Bio Dynamic compost preparations are added at our International Biodynamics day happenings here on the Farm.

And of course feeding the people who visit the farm is a high priority. Never quite sure who will be here so a large pot of soup and home made bread is perfect for filling up interns and those on work experience and volunteers as well as family. Seven today for lunch and two who were happy with just a cuppa.


  1. It was wonderful to see the hens, I am thrilled to hear that they have been rescued and will have a happier life.

  2. Oh poor chooks. They will be so happy now in their natural environment.

    Your compost system looks great.

    And I reckon there is nothing better then hot soup and fresh bread in winter.


  3. I remember when we first got rescue hens, they didn't know how to scratch or anything. The poor girls were so pleased for a chance at a happy life, just like yours will be :)

    I love your big compost pile, it looks awesome!

    And your quill is looking good too!