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Monday, June 5, 2017

World Biodynamic Farming Day.

 The idea was borne out of World Eurythmy Day last year with the idea that a powerful event could be established if BD farmers around the world were to do a sequential spray of Horn Manure (BD 500) followed by Horn Silica (BD 501) at the same time (local time)
Much consultation settled on the date suggested by Brian Keats of Whitsun in commemoration of the weekend the Agriculture Lectures were delivered by Rudolf Steiner. These lectures lead to the development of Biodynamic Agriculture as we know it today.

The event at Purple Pear Farm started around two in the afternoon with a piece of Eurythmy - inviting a spiritual element to the practical activities for the event.

This was followed by several methods of stirring the Horn Manure preparation 9BD 500) - in buckets and coppers and flow forms with a great mixture of conversation and reverence for the action in progress.

Kate takes her turn.

Veronika brought her copper.

Flow Forms mix Horn Manure Prep.
 After an hour of stirring - by creating a vortex then smashing that to build another in the opposite direction - we divided up the preparation and split up to apply it to all parts of the property.

Greg applies the BD500.

Sarah shows her style.

Harry tries the low key approach.
The new compost heap gets a dose.

When the job was complete we retired to a shared meal around the camp fire with music by Rob and Tash as well as more great conversations and merriment.

Waiting for dinner!

Camp Fire after the evening meal.
 We found ourselves retiring quite early after the rigorous exertions of the day and the expectation of an early rise to apply the Horn Silica Preparation (BD 501).

John and Rob stir BD501 in the early morn.

Harry takes it to first light.

John Mark and Harry prepare to spray.
 After an hour of stirring and with the first flush of morning light, we set out to spray the 501 over the areas covered the day before.

Harry fires the Horn Silica into the atmosphere.

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  1. Incredible! I did this once with a friend and it felt like such important work. I must do this for our own garden.