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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing onions

I was feeling a little off colour today. Caught the bug Mark had a few days ago and decided to have a quiet day inside in front of the fire. While I was resting Mark was outside planting onions. He planted them the same way as we planted the garlic. First he prepped the bed, threw in some compost, laid down some newspapers and then put on some mulch.

 We do this to suppress weeds. As the onions are first planted it can be very difficult to distinguish the weeds from the baby onions but with the paper and mulch the onions are well and truly away before the weeds become a problem. We did this for the first time last year and it worked really well. Mark planted 400 onions today and we hope to get 2000 in

If you look closely you can see our garlic growing

My time inside was also productive. After a good rest this morning I decided to start on a gift for our grandson who turns 2 in June.

 I bought him this little book (the other book is where I got my patterns from) and thought some farm animals would be nice to go with it. My first project was a mother pig. I used some pink flannelette from my stash, that I'd  found in an Op shop (thrift store)


                                                           Pattern and fabric cut out

                                                         Finished pig   stuffed with unspun sheeps wool

I look forward to making him a few more. Maybe a milking cow because we have them on the farm, a dog and a hen. And Mark is set to make him some wooden fences. I will post them as they're finished

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