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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reskilling workshop

Thanks Mark for getting my blog started. I have felt inspired to start a blog for nearly a year now, but being a little challenged around computers I 've put it into the too hard basket. But reading other blogs keeps reminding me how much I'd really like to give it a go. I was reading  Farmama's  blog (one of these days I'll learn how to link directly to other blogs) and she invites others to share what's going on at their farms every Thursday and I would really like to be a part  of that so I've got just under a week to get some sort of competency.
So I had thought of telling a little about myself and what we do here on this farm but I think you'll get an idea as we progress and as I explain what we do each day and fill in anything else as it arises Upfront I will say that we are Permaculturists and live a very simple but rewarding life.
One of the things we do is educate and today we ran a reskilling workshop on Backyard vegetable production. Our topic covered Garden design based on Permaculture design principle, Propagation and No dig gardening.

Our participants were able to put down on paper a simple site analysis, make their own seed raising mix and potting mix and make a nodig garden. A lot in just 3 hours but they were all inspired to go home and start their own vegie gardens. Did you know that after WW2 households were encouraged to give up their home gardens here in Australia in favour of buying food from shops so as to stimulate the economy? Sound familiar? Anyway we are really passionate about reversing that trend and look to get as many people as possible back into home gardening.

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