Permaculture in Action

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Around the Farm

 Linking in with farmama on Thursdays for a tour of the farm.

This is a photo of our market garden from google earth. The blue things are the chook domes.

My day starts with taking care of the animals. We have over 50 hens spread out in 5 domes.
The sun's not up until 6am at the moment and it is bitterly cold  at that time of the morning and so a nice warming mash for my girls is in order.

 After the chooks are fed and watered it's time to move the guinea pigs. They come in handy as grass cutters between the rows and are always an attraction when little one's visit the farm.

The seedlings need to be uncovered. We cover them up each night to protect them from any pests that might be around and it also happens to keep them warm at over night.

Newly planted bed, with a mixture of winter crops including cabbage, tatsoi, bokchoy, kale, beetroot, salad greens, kohl rabi

The wind has been so strong over the last few days Mark has had to stake up one of our new citrus

Here are 2 of our 4 beehives facing north with their flight path over 1 of the irrigation ponds
snow peas

Jessie and Aggie
The new dome so far. It's been put on hold for the time being while our visitors are here

Letting the geese out of their night enclosure. They are locked up in their house each night to protect them from foxes.

Then it's time for our breakfast.


  1. I just love your place! I have been thinking I need to get the children a guinea pig, but I have
    been so focused on finding a good milk cow that it has taken a back burner I have never heard of tatsoi before and must look it up.

  2. Tatsoi is an asian green that can be eaten raw or cooked. We often find it in a salad mix. Guinea pigs are a great children's pet but do be careful with mixed sexes as they breed like rabbits, I think male guinea pigs are sexually active at 4 weeks.

  3. that google shot is awesome! you can really see the set out. I've read Linda Woodrow's book and couldn't quite get the set out in my mind. Seeing it from about gives me a better perspective of the mandala system.