Permaculture in Action

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around The Farm

Joining in with Farmama today for a look around the farm. Just a quick look around today as I have been busy packing.

Harvested food for our CSA

Pruning all the fruit trees

Washing the seedling pots and trays before using again
I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow. I'm going to visit Ceres,a CSA farm and the CSA coordinator, and while I'm there I'll also get to see my daughters. I'll be taking the train. The journey takes 14 hrs. and I plan to knit,sew and read.My decision not to fly fits in with my desire to reduce my carbon footprint and to slow my life down.


  1. How wonderful to have a trip and getting to see your daughter's. I gave up my Jeep to reduce my carbon footprint. We already have two trucks [husband's and son] and mine was just for fun so it really isn't a hardship. If I need to go to town, they drive and I for me!
    Love the veggies for the CSA.

  2. Lucky you have trains to travel on. Here in Tas all our passenger trains were shot down more than 2 decades ago. Not a good move!
    Your veggies looks so fresh and wonderful.