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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turning 30

Thirty years ago today my first daughter Meghann was born. She was a tiny 4lb 14oz. having arrived 4 weeks early. She was perfectly healthy just very eager to be here, and this eagerness has continued right up to today. As a baby she hardly ever slept and was always looking around. As she grew her curiosity also grew and she was into everything. She walked at 10 months, talked early, read early always wanting more. She loved knowledge and was to spend quite a few years at uni, actually she's back there now doing another degree. Her first is in Arts with a major  in theatre, and now she is studying publishing.

Tonight har partner, Dom is holding a party for her and everyone is dressing up in caberet/burlesque clothes. Meg has always liked to dress up which she is able to do often when she is performing, and caberet is her favourite.

Gypsy Kate

Rhonwyn, Scott and Travis

Meghann  Ma Mambo

I am so pleased to be able to make it down here to Melbourne and to  have the opportunity to see my girls, as my youngest, Sarah is also down here and my middle daughter Rhonwyn has come down with her husband and stepson.And grateful to Mark for holding the fort back at home. It's lovely to see Meg and Sarah in their space so I can picture them here when I go home. And I am so happy to be able to celebrate Meg's birth day here with them.I am so very proud of who she is and the wonderful things she is doing in her life.

Rhonwyn, Meghann,Sarah and me dressed and ready to party


  1. Oh just wonderful! Enjoy your time with your lovely girls. xxx

  2. Oh how wonderful to spend some time with them all! Happy 30th, Meghann! xxx

  3. The proud mamma and her girls, what a lovely photo.

    Sounds like the celebrations were alot of fun.
    Hope you enjoyed your time in Melbourne with the girls .

    Claire :}

  4. How much fun to get to spend this time with all your girls! I hope you had a wonderful time. xx