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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy Days

The day started with our interview with  ABC radio 1233 for those who are local enough  and would like to listen at 10 to 10 tomorrow morning. The interview went really well and Mark was able to give a pretty detailed description of how the mandalas work and a little bit about natural pest control and companion planting which is what the workshop on Friday is all about.

Then into Maitland with Bev the Bottle to deliver the bottles we collected on Sunday to Robyn Parker along with a letter explaining why putting a refund on bottles and cans would be better for the environment. She wasn't there but we must have impressed her staff because not long after we returned home we received a phone call from another Newspaper wanting to do a story. They had been given the info from Robyn's office! On Saturday we offer refunds for containers in the hope that children may pick up some litter and get their parents to bring them in to see us.

Next some marmalade to make. We have a citrus tree in our back yard but we don't know what type. The fruit is quite sour so I soaked some in water overnight along with 2 lemons.

Boiled it up this afternoon and added sugar and boiled again till it was set.

The jars went into the oven to sterilize them

And the marmalade was spooned into the hot jars and the lids placed on top
Mark couldn't wait to try it but did manage to wait until it had cooled.His verdict --delicious. Cost $1 a jar and that was using organic sugar.

Tomorrow we have a farm tour scheduled and they have requested lunch. We have made Vegie soup and sourdough bread and for dessert "drei eier schwer" -I hope I've spelt that correctly. The recipe was given to me by an Austrian friend and translates , so I am told, as 3 egg heavy. You weigh the eggs and then add equal weights of butter, sugar and plain flour. Cream butter and sugar, Separate eggs and add yolks to the  creamed butter and sugar. Beat in sifted flour ( add a little buttermilk or yoghurt if very stiff). Whisk egg whites and fold into mixture. Spread out into rectangular baking tray. Put slices of fruit ( apple, pear or plum) on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Bake at 180c for 40 mins. Delicious.


  1. Thanks for the recipe...I know what I am preparing for dessert. I can't wait to make
    marmalade. The trees here won't be ready until December. I always kill ours, but my mother in-law has two hug clementine orange trees and she only lives 15 minutes away by truck.
    PS- My granddaughter will be three in August. I only have the one [so far].

  2. That marmalade is inspiring! We have put in five citrus trees but so far only the lemon is mature enough to give us fruit. Now that I've seen your marmalade, I will be very impatient for oranges and grapefruit!

  3. Our seville orange marmalade is finished, so i should make some more with other citrus as we miss it. it will be summer fruit preserving here soon enough though. Well done on your busy day - hope the interviews go down well. xx

  4. That cake sounds easy and You-Know-Who would love it! You've both been very busy with not only the farm but Transition Maitland and Bev the Bottle (aka the lovely Lisa) and campaigning for bottle refunds; I will pass the news on to local folk here and see what we can get up and running too. Great work, as always.

  5. Hi Kate,
    I have only just found your blog and it is a great discovery!
    I am really enjoying your posts.
    Can I ask how big the mandalas are and what is the size of the smaller circles within them?
    Also your Google Earth shot has the coordinates at the bottom are you aware of this?
    The blog is great I look forward to more posts.

  6. Yes the cake is very easy and he would love it ! And no Ramsey I was unaware of the co-ordinates Thanks and glad you like the blog. Mandalas are 15 mts across and circles are 4 mts. Mark says that's from memory maybe he'll get it up on his blog soon!

  7. Canning is something i really want to get in to, but it seems really daunting. do you buy jars or re use? if you re-use, what do you do about lids? do you get new ones or ?????? thanks!