Permaculture in Action

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cash for Containers

As usual for a Monday we picked and packed for our CSA .In coming weeks I'll feature various vegetables that we grow, but today I want to talk about what we did on Sunday.

Bev the Bottle

We were a part of a group campaigning to bring about legislation to have a refund on all beverage containers in NSW. With help from other Transition Towners and Bev the Bottle we cleaned up a local Ceanup Australia site and got our photos in the paper to make people aware of the campaign. South Australia has had this legislation for many many years and it has been proven to significantly reduce litter. The Northern Territory enacted it earlier this year and Victoria have just had it heard in parliament.
As the State Minister for the Environment is Robyn Parker, the Representative for Maitland we thought it would be a good idea to get the campaign started here. If you would like to support this please contact Robyn Parker and let her know your thoughts on it.

Bottles fished out of the water

Tomorrow, after an interview with the local ABC radio about our workshops we are running , we will deliver the containers to the Ministers offices.
Next week end we are going to offer a 10cent refund ( 10 bottle/can per person limit) on the first 1000 beverage containers bought into our local organic shop. We hope families might take the opportunity to collect local litter and let the kids find out how it can work. It's called "Random Acts of Refunds."


  1. Good luck! I am always amazed at the litter people just casual throw from their cars...and
    a whole lot disappointed too.

  2. Oh great stuff there Kate. Are you doing this for just glass or for plastic as well? There are so few glass bottles here now - sigh. Good luck with your interview. xx

  3. that is so great! i see bottles all along the road side here in the Blue Mountains ... great to raise awareness! can't wait to hear how it goes!