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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farm Tour

Once a month we offer a tour of the garden. When we first started the garden and word got our about what we were doing, we would get people arriving out of the blue wanting to have a look at the garden. We were ever so keen to let people have a look that we would drop what we were doing and show them around and answer all their questions, just get started back at work and someone else would turn up. We couldn't go on like this the work was suffering so in the end we decided that people would have to organise a group booking. Find another 4 people and we would take them through for a small price to compensate for the time away from the work.But then we were getting people wanting us to drop what we were doing and  so now we offer a tour one weekend a month and that works really well. We still get school groups booking tours but we can usually arrange that on one of our less busy days through the week.

Here we are looking at our small olive grove. We have 14 olive trees interplanted with leguminous trees and a herbage understory. The olives will be for pickling and we will add them to our CSA boxes.

On the other side of this fence we have a mulberry and an olive with a chicken run underneath. We got enough olives this year from this tree to pickle 4 jars of olives and they taste delicious. It's the first year that we have had enough olives from  this tree to preserve.

After lunch Marks brother and sister in law arrived from Rockhampton for a few days before they continue the journey to Western Australia and Darwin.

And then the grandkins arrived for a romp around the farm.

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