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Friday, June 3, 2011

On My Mind

Joining Rhonda at Down to Earth for a Friday Post

Washing vegetables

Fridays are one of my busiest days here on the farm. It is a harvest day for us and starts early in the morning and doesn't stop until late in the afternoon after I make my deliveries and so it is on my mind all day. We begin by picking the vegies to fill our customers boxes and then while Mark makes us breakfast I begin to wash all the produce. In the summer it all needs to be refrigerated  before packing but in winter I am able to pack straight away. The above photo shows some silverbeet being washed.After washing it is weighed and, in the case of the silverbeet, bunched, and then put into the customers box.


  1. Hi Kate. There is a lot of work but I expect that it's very rewarding earning a living providing healthy food for your local people.

  2. So nice and green! I'm sure your customer's love the treasures they find in those boxes you work so hard to put together each week.