Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obtain a Yield

Usually we pick for our boxes on Mondays but as it was a long weekend we did the boxes today.We were off to a slow start trying to dodge the rain. Finally we managed to get it done without getting too wet. It's nice to see all the water lying around after such a hot and dry summer but it does make working in the garden difficult.

The ducks enjoying the full ponds

I found a little frog on the orange tree  while I was picking oranges for the boxes

Last nights dinner was home made pizza. Mark makes the base using sour dough. We added mushrooms, onion. capsicum from the garden and olives from our tree that we had previously preserved.

And tonight Mark was off to a meeting so we needed something quick and nutritious for dinner. I cooked Kitchari which is a rice and lentil dish to which I added whatever vegetables I had on hand.


  1. Oh I haven't had kitchari for ages - you have put me in the mood for that now. Lovely pictures - the ducks are enjoying it here right now too. xx

  2. I have been whipping out a lot of pizza here for my crew...yours looks great. Capsicum is...peppers?

  3. Yes capsicum is peppers I think

  4. Kitchari and your greens are a regular meal here also.