Permaculture in Action

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rainy Days

What to do on a rainy long weekend? Hmmm let's see.

First some pancakes for breakfast.

Plants some trees next
Take them from here where they are growing in abundance. These are Casuarina or She oaks which send up little suckers which are easily transplanted

And plant them here where we are trying to develop a windbreak. We like to plant on wet days to give them a good start.

Time for some crafting
A little cardigan for our grand daughter due in July

 A gift for someone special

A new top for me using fabric I bought from an Op shop. Still need some bias binding for the armholes. Some thing new for my upcoming trip to Melbourne.

Some wool. I think the dark wool will make a nice beanie for Mark!
 Some more Op Shop finds from during the past week
A little covered bowl to hold the soap at our outdoor sink
And now some left over rice for lunch.


  1. Hi, kate, just called into your blog for a visit. What a beautiful inspiring place for me to go on such a blustery cold day in the Hunter Valley....and to view it all from my nice warm chair at the computer! You look like you have had an eventful weekend and achieved alot.
    So glad I found your blog.

  2. Wow, You and Mark have been busy!
    I love the little top you made for yourself.


  3. Oh what a lovely rainy day! Great bargain finds. Is your op shop the same as our Charity shop? And a Grand-daughter! Such an exciting time. Everyone grows willow here as a windbreak, but we would like to add some other varieties too. xx

  4. I wish I had a rainy weekend! It's been so long since it rained I have forgotten what it's like.
    Congrats on the new grandbaby due in July!

  5. Hi yes an Op Shop is a charity store. And yes we are very excited about a new arrival soon. Kate

  6. I love that you are collecting your plants from within your property Kate - rather than buying in tube-stock. So sensible for so many reasons - saves money, takes advantage of local adaptation, local provenance.

    I hope your gardens are tolerating all this rain.

  7. Thanks Tricia, I agree. I find Casuarinas easy to transplant but don't really have any other trees that pop up like they do. The only other native that I've propagated is wattle and we've planted all of those. And yes the garden is handling the rain quite well so far.