Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Leah

I've been promising photos of the newest little one, and today Bec and Dave bought the children out for a farm visit. It being oh so cold I offered to stay indoors with the baby while Elizabeth and Jeffery  ran around the farm with their mum and dad. They visited the pony and had a little ride, talked to the geese and expended a little of their energy by just plain running, While I ,on the other hand,  got to change a nappy, sing lullabies and rock the tiny one in my arms for a half hour or so.

Then, after a good play outside, Elizabeth and Jeffery were back inside with time for kisses and cuddles with me, before it was time to go home. Oh I love being a grandma.


  1. She is beautiful - so lovely this Grandma role. I am cuddling my grand children this week. Xx

  2. She's gorgeous! Looks like she's puckering up for a good kiss! Congratulations.

  3. How beautiful little Leah is! I think being a grandmom is the best too.

  4. Cute little darling. Congratulations to all.

    I love being a grandma too.