Permaculture in Action

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well I don't know about you, but I can sometimes find myself surrounded by quite a few unfinished craft objects. I will start something with great gusto and enthusiasm and before I know it my thoughts are being distracted by the next project. I blame it on all the incredibly clever people out there who design new things. My thoughts (and fingers) are drawn to the next item waiting to be started.  Anyway I just had to complete one or two things and what better opportunity than a two way 14hour train trip and a week away from the hustle bustle of the farm. So here is some of the things I was able to finish over the last couple of weeks.

Pants and a cardigan for our newest grand daughter, Leah. All I needed to do with the cardigan was sew on the buttons.

A little vest for "twinkles" (more about that later!) This was made from wool I got from an Op Shop find.

From the same wool , a hat for Mark

You may just be able to read the card which says that the wool is reclaimed and recycled, and hand dyed with eucalyptus leaves.
These pants ( also for twinkles) made from wool that my daughter Meghann  gave me for Christmas.

Meghann bought a jumper from an Op Shop (Thrift Store) unravelled it and then dyed it. The wool made beautiful little pants didn't it?
And lastly here's Meghann's gift which I started way back here. I still had the binding to hand sew once I got to Melbourne, just in time to give it to her for her birthday. Meghann loves to drink tea brewed in a teapot and drunk from china cups and the home- made biscuits, well, doesn't everyone love them?


  1. Oh! Those leggings are so cute! I'm glad to see that yarn (re)finished into a new garment!

    Mark's hat looks great, and I just love my hanging!

  2. Hi Meg. I really love the colour that the eucalyptus gives the wool!

  3. The hat looks great but mark looks a little like a Mongolian Racing Tadpole lol

  4. Lots of lovely crafting! I especially love that little pink cardigan. :)